PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer
PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer
PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer
PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer

PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer

PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer is used to dry washed wet plastic soft film like LDPE film, LLDPE film, PP woven jumbo bag scrap, etc.It is a fully automatic squeezing compacting granulating dryer by screw and electrical heating. Plastic PP PE film after crush and wash usually contains moisture over 30%. Our PE film/bag squeezer machine could keep final film humidity within 3%.

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Product Description

PP Woven Bag LDPE LLDPE Film Squeezer,is a new designed drying machine to instead of traditional centrifuge force dewatering machines. Plastic film squeezing machine is an important part of plastic PP PE film washing line. Our plastic PE Film/PP woven bag squeezing drying machine is mainly to dry wet waste soft plastic like PE film, LDPE agriclture film,LLDPE stretch film,PP woven bag,PP jumbo bag scrap, etc. 

Washed PP PE films typically retain up to 30% humidity.High humidity can affect the efficiency and yield of the subsequent pelletizing process. Having a plastic squeezing dryer is necessary to dehydrate the washed film, reduce the volume of recycled material and further refine the essence of the final plastic pellets. The extruder adopts a specially designed screw structure and uses the principle of squeezing dehydratio to extrude the water in the plastic by rotating the screw. The water flows out from the bottom, the plastic is heated by high-intensity extrusion friction, and the mold will be gently plasticized after heating.  Finally the blade will cut the granules from the mould. Therefore, the following granulation process can be improved.

After drying by our plastic PE film squeezing machine, the final flakes humidity will be less than 3% and could be sent to our plastic pelletizing machine to making granules directly. With the automatic PP PE film squeezer, you can increase the subsequent granulating line production capacity. We could supply the capacity of plastic squeezing machine between 300kg/h to 800kg/h. Also, we support custom service of plastic squeezing dryer according to your special demands.

Features of plastic recycling squeezing machine

1. Unique screw squeezing design removing moisture theory, solving the common problem that it is hard to dry the wet film during the plastic film drying recycling field.
2. With the latest extrusion heating system, The material has a high degree of drying and sufficient plasticization, Good drying performance, could make the final moisture level lower than 3%. Can greatly increase the capacity of the subsequent pelletizing line.
3. Safe, lower noise, easy operating and maintenance, compared with ordinary heating system, can save electricity consumption by 40%-50%.
4. Mechanical squeezing dewatering way, comparing with the traditional centrifugal and hot air drying dewatering way, could save space and energy much more, stable running and high cost performance.


Our PP PE film plastic squeezing machine is used for squeezing and re-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bags, ton bags, nylon etc. It's equipped with advanced screw extrusion system, squeezing efficiency could reach 96%. The plastic film squeezer also can combine with plastic washing and pelletizing line, the whole plastic squeezing drying system is with stable capacity and whole process automation.
1. LDPE waste film recycling and washing line
2. PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line
3. Waste PE film recycling squeezing line
4. Ethylene ground film washing, drying and regranulating line
5. Waste film recycling and washing line
6. PP woven bag recycling and washing line

LDPE agriculture film

LLDPE wrapping film

PP woven bag

PP jumbo bag

After process

After process

After process

After process


Model Power Screw  Capacity
RSS1-300 90kw 300mm 350kg/h
RSS1-320 132kw/h 320mm 500kg/h
RSS1-350 160kw/h 350mm 800kg/h

Squeezing Machine Process

  • A giant screw is embedded in the squeezer.
  • As the screw rotates, the plastic material will be pushed and compressed. At this point, water flows out of the filter.
  • Afterwards, the wet plastic material will be heated to a semi-melted state with the heat generated by the friction of the scrap.
  • Finally, through the mold, the material will be compressed at high temperature.
  • The material passes through the granulation system to output hard waste.


No Equipment name Quantity
1 Belt conveyor 1
2 PP PE film squeezer 1
3 Blowing system 1
4 Storage hopper 1
5 Electrics 1


Photos of Plastic Squeezing Machine/Plastic PP PE Film Squeezer

diagram of PP PE film squeezer


Quality Assurance

Final film moisture within 3%.

Use world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,Fuji Inverter,SKF bearing,SUS 304 stainless steel,SKD-11 blades,etc.



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