PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine
PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine
PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine
PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine
PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine
PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine

PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine

PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Machine is used to recycling waste plastic PP PE film scrap. With compactor cutter to heat and compact the film,it is more easy to feeding material to extruder. Degassing vacuum vent could remove humidity and useless element efficiently. Die face water ring cutting pelletizing system to cut the granules in uniform. The final pellets could make film blowing, pipe making and other injection using.

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Our Plastic PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Pelletizing/Granulating Machine is a recycling machine for making plastic into pellets. The PP PE LDPE film granulating line is used to recycle and reprocess waste plastic such as LDPE agriculture film, LLDPE rolling stretch packaging film, HDPE offcut bag, BOPP CPP OPP POF film, PS XPS foam, PP woven/non-woven bag, etc.

The final granules will be strong and uniform after processing by our PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE Film Recycling Plastic Pelletizing Line, recycled film granules could apply to film blowing, pipe making, other plastic injection, etc. We could supply the LDPE LLDPE HDPE film recycling granulating machine in different capacities between 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. The entire recycling pelletizing system is designed by our professional plastics recycling solutions team, we combine the latest European technology with the characteristics of a highly automated operation with manual and energy-saving performance. we can support custom plastic recycling solutions service to meet your request,


Main advantage of PP PE LDPE film pelletizing machine

  1. Good ability - guarantee the final pellets' purity and quality.
  2. High efficiency - lowest investment and highest value
  3. Stable performance - machines can work 24 hours with no-stop running
  4. Customized design according to space and wastes
  5. Almost 100% pellets reusability back for making new products
  6. Reduces raw material cost by building your own granulating line


LDPE Washed Film,LLDPE Rolling Wrapping Film,HDPE Offcut Film Bag,Other Soft Plastic Like OPP CPP BOPP film,PS foam,PP Woven Bag Non Woven Fabric recycling,etc.

LDPE washed film

LLDPE wrapping film

HDPE film

BOPP film

After process

After process

After process

After process


Model Screw Dia L/D PE (kg/h) PP (kg/h) 
RCDJ85 85mm 33 180-220 160-200
RCSJ85/100 85/100mm 33:12
RCDJ100 100mm 33 260-320 220-280
RCSJ100/120 100/120mm 33:12
RCDJ130 130mm 33 450-550 360-420
RCSJ130/150 130/150mm 33:12
RCDJ160 160mm 30 650-750 500-600
RCSJ160/180 160/180mm 30:10
RCDJ180 180mm 28 800-1000 650-800
RCSJ180/200 180/200mm 28:10

Cleaning Process

  • * Automatic belt feeding with current linkage with extruder.Optional with roll feeder,ration feeder.Metal detector.
  • * Compactor cutter improving feeding productivity.
  • * High efficiency vacuum degassing zone.
  • * Die face cutting or strand noodle cutting ways.
  • * Easy operation with low consumption.
No Equipment name Quantity
1 Belt conveyor with metal detector 1
2 Compactor 1
3 Main extruder 1
4 Second extruder 1
5 Hydraulic screen changer 1
6 Die face cutting system 1
7 Water cooling tank 1
8 Dewatering machine 1
9 Vibrator screen 1
10 Packaing system 1



Vietnam- RCSJ100/120 PE film pelletizing line

Model of machine: RCSJ100/120 PP PE film granulating line


Mexico- RHSJ120/120 PP PE pelletizing line

Model of machine: RHSJ120/120 Plastic film recycling machine


Quality Assurance

Final moisture below 1%. Granules in uniform.

Adopt world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,ABB Inverter,SKF bearing,Mesutronic metal detector,38CrMoA1A bimetal screw,etc.




Are you trading company or manufacturer?


We are a manufacturer which producing the machines by ourselves.


What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?


Our warranty year is one year. During the period, we provide you spare parts free of charge asap. But the technical guide is forever.


How can I install my machine when it arrives?


We will send the instruction manual and videos to you,your workers can install the machine accorded to it. If the situation is ok, we can arrange our engineer to your factory, who will teach your labors how to install machines.


How to maintenance machines in factory?


We will provide maintenance instruction, it will mark the oil model and time. And how many times you should check the machines. Any problems about machines, you can ask us anytime.


If our machine is not working suddenly, but we have not spare parts, how to solve?


We promise our machine’s quality. Also we will prepare enough spare parts from the beginning for using urgently. Some vulnerable parts(blades), we will suggest you to buy. The last way,we send you spare parts by DHL.


How to maintence recycling machine:


We will send you manuals for product maintenance and how to solve common problems. By the way, you can contact with us, we will try our best to teach you by instruction book or video.




We provide 12 months’ warranty period usually.In this Period, any machine’s quality problem,we will send spare parts soon by DHL. We will do our best to teach your worker how to change the spare parts by video or instruction.


24hours technical service:


We will online 24 hours every day, You can contact with us anytime. Our engineer will send you machine maintenance manuals.


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