LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line
LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line
LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line
LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line
LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line
LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line

LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line

Our complete LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line is working to wash and recycling plastic thin film with contamination. LDPE film after crushing,washing,drying,the film flakes is dry and clean. Humidity in the end will be 3%-5%.

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Product Description

Our LDPE LLDPE Film Recycling Washing Line is used to recycle and reprocess waste plastic materials like LDPE agriculture film, LLDPE stretch film, PP woven bag, PP jumbo big bag, etc. Plastic LDPE LLDPE film recycling machine can efficiently clean and remove the soil, sand, stone, glue, grass, oil and other dirt on the agricultural film. Recycling machines for waste LDPE LLDPE film are designed and manufactured by our recycling team with 15 years of research and development experience, and we can also customize the production line and machines for plastic LDPE LLDPE recycling plant according to your factory space and other special requirements.

There are several components of LDPE/LLDPE agricultural film recycling lines. A crusher machine is designed for film or bag to produce standard particle sizes that are easy to wash, clean, dry. A friction washer is used to remove dirty and sand by centrifugal force. A film squeezing machine is an ideal option to squeeze and dry the washed clean film. The final film humidity will be less than 5% after processing by our LDPE LLDPE film washing line, dry film could send to our film compactor pelletizing machine to make granules directly. We could supply the LDPE LLDPE film washing line between 300kg/h to 2000kg/h.

Advantage of stretch film LDPE LLDPE recycling machine

  1. Simple design and easy operation
  2. Low energy consumption, low noise
  3. Hgh output and durable



LDPE agriculture film,LLDPE stretch film,PP woven bag,PP jumbo bag scrap.

LDPE agriculture film

LLDPE wrapping film

PP woven bag

PP jumbo bag

After process

After process

After process

After process


Model Power Water  Capacity
RM300 86kw/h 4-5 t/h 300kg/h
RM500 155kw/h 6-8 t/h 500kg/h
RM1000 325kw/h 8-10 t/h 1000kg/h

Cleaning Process

  •  LDPE film washing recycling machine is design for process and wash waste plastic thin film with contaminations.
  •  New grinder rotor shape to crush film in higher capacity.
  • Film squeezer machine for ensure get a lower moisture.
  • Final film humidity in 3%-5%.
  • Easy operation with low consumption.
No Equipment name Quantity
1 Belt conveyor 1
2 Wet film crusher 1
3 Double screw conveyor 1
4 Film floating washer tank 1
5 Screw conveyor 1
6 High speed friction washer 1
7 Screw conveyor 1
8 Squeezing machine 1
9 Storage hopper 1
10 Electric panel 1

Quality Assurance

Final film moisture between 3%-5%. Dry and clean.

Adopt world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,Fuji Inverter,SKF bearing,SUS 304 stainless steel, SKD-11 blades,etc.



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