PCR-Post Consumer Recycling Machine

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PCR-Post Consumer Recycling Machine

In 2022, one of the hottest words in the plastic recycling world right now is PCR.  

PCR, Post - Consumer - Recycled.  PCR plastic, which literally means recycled plastic after consumption, usually refers to the waste plastic produced after consumption and use. After plastic washing pelletizing recycling machine, it can be turned into valuable recycled raw materials and realize resource recycling.


Why is PCR gaining popularity?  In essence, plastic pollution to the environment has reached the point of no delay.  

Plastic has only been around for a hundred years, but it's everywhere.  It appears in the 8,440 meters above sea level Everest, in the -90℃ earth to the cold South Pole, 10,898 meters in the world's deepest Mariana Trench.  

Nature doesn't waste resources. Only humans do.  How much plastic do we actually produce?  I'm afraid it's hard to get an accurate count.  According to one study, global plastic production was two million tons in 1950 and has increased every year since.  Over the decades, we've probably already made more than 10 billion tons of plastic, making it the most productive man-made material.  After the plastic is discarded, only 9 percent is recycled, 12 percent is burned, and 79 percent is buried or thrown away to nature.  The accumulation of plastic in nature, however, is not slowing down.  By 2050, humans will produce 12 billion tons of plastic waste.  

The emergence of PCR plastic is the beginning of saving nature and human self-help.  

Humans depend on plastic, and a total ban is unlikely in the short term.  The impact of plastics on nature can be reduced only by recycling used plastics, reducing the production of new plastic materials and extending the life cycle of plastics.  

PCR plastics are popular both at home and abroad.  Coca-Cola, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, Adidas, Nike, Acer and other well-known companies have been using PCR plastics for a long time and are taking social responsibility by using PCR plastics in their products.  Chemical giants such as Dow, Nordic-Chem, SABIC and Costitron have also launched PCR products.  

PCR plastics are different from native plastics.  Recycling already produced plastic is not only a cost-effective process, but also a waste reduction process.  In addition, PCR plastics require less water and resources.  

PCR gives plastic an added value.  Such values are not only economic benefits, but also responsibilities and ideals.  Under the global "double carbon" background, many countries and regions have affirmed the important role of plastic recycling in circular economy, and introduced relevant policies and regulations. More and more enterprises use and attach importance to PCR plastics, and PCR plastics will usher in a vigorous development period.  

In this global context,RETECH can provide customized plastic recycling solutions for different customers based on its rich industry experience. We mainly provide plastic recycling cleaning equipment, plastic recycling granulating equipment.  


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