What happens after plastic is recycled?

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What happens when plastic is recycled? Is it safe for food to touch recycled plastic?

Europe and the United States and other areas of recycled plastics for food contact regulations.


European Union :(EC) no 282/2008 regulation on recycled plastics for food contact, which stipulates that the production process of plastics recycling can be used to produce food contact materials after obtaining eu approval. It should be noted that the European Commission published the Draft Regulation on Food Contact with Recycled Plastics on 6 December 2021 for public consultation with stakeholders. The Draft will replace and repeal (EC) No282/2008 regulation on recycled plastics for food contact when it is officially published.


Us: The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Guidelines for Compliance Policy, US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), in principle allow recycled plastics to be used in food packaging. In 2021, FDA revised the industry guidance "Considerations for the Use of Recycled Plastics in Food Packaging: Chemical Considerations", stating that "manufacturers of recycled plastics for food contact use are responsible for ensuring that the recycled plastics are as pure as the raw material for their intended use and meet the raw material requirements of Section 21CFR174-179".


South Korea: The Standards and Specifications for Utensils and Containers, No. 2020-43 of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of The Republic of Korea, specifies that chemically recycled PET and PEN can be used in the production of utensils, containers and plastic packaging materials, the scraps of new materials that meet the standards and specifications can be used as raw materials for production and processing on the premise that they do not contain impurities. As well as the non-direct contact food layer of multi-layer materials can use recycled plastic for the production of containers, containers and packaging materials on the basis of eliminating the expansion of the allowable use of physical regeneration rPET.


Brazil: MerCOsur (South American Market) Technical Specification for Recycled PET for Food Packaging, which provides general requirements and evaluation, authorization, registration and label management for the use of consumed PET in contact food packaging.


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