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PP PE film washing line.jpg PP PE film washing recycling machine is working for process different kinds of plastics like PP woven bag,PE film.etc. It usually contains Shredder,crusher,friction washer,floating tank,squeezer,dewatering machine,etc. By using our film washing line, the film could be fully washed and clean. Final flakes dry with humidity in 3%. 517.93KB 70 2022-02-08 DOWNLOAD
Plastic 3 in 1 compactor pelletizing line.jpg 3 in 1 PP PE film pelletizing machine is working for processing and pelletizing waste plastic material like PP PE film, PP woven bag,fabric,shopping bag.etc. We could provide complete plastic recycling solution from washing to pelletizing machinery. 1.71MB 26 2022-02-08 DOWNLOAD
PET Bottle Washing Recycling Plant-RETECH.pdf Plastic PET bottle washing recycling line is used to processing and washing postconsumer PET bottles. The vital point of PET bottle recycling solution is the rate of removing the impurities from PET flakes. Higher PET flakes will improve end product of next processing. 409.83KB 37 2022-03-09 DOWNLOAD
PP PE Film Washing Line-RETECH.pdf Plastic PE PP film bag washing recycling line is used to processing and washing post consumer LDPE film, LLDPE film, PP woven bag, etc. The vital point of PE PP film washing recycling solution is how to improve output capacity and control the final flake's humidity. RETECH technical team always pursue this responsibility to make it happen. 328.9KB 26 2022-03-09 DOWNLOAD
PP PE Film Pelletizing Recycling Plant-RETECH.pdf Plastic PE PP film recycling pelletizing machine is used to process and granulate washed LDPE film, LLDPE film, PP woven bag, HDPE film bag, etc. With new advanced technology from Europe and continues feedback comments from customers,RETECH got rich experience in design&manufacturing PP PE film pelletizing lines. 308.81KB 31 2022-03-09 DOWNLOAD

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