In addition to providing high efficient and environmentally friendly plastic recycling washing granulation equipment,we can also provide extra supporting services for our plastic washing and recycling machine; such as design your workshop;how to recycle waste water from plastic washing line; how to sharpen blades after crusher used for a period of time; how to choose chiller or cooling tower for our plastic granulator machine; besides after machines arrived at customer’s factory, how to dig drainage ditch, how to arrange wires and cran span structure. We can guide all by communication according to customers’ requirements.

In all, we can provide turnkey project one-stop plastic recycling solutions.


Specific Content Of The Solution

Waste water treatment system:

Plastic recycling and washing plant produce waste water every day in the production process, the waste water has a high content of organic suspended matter, easy to corrupt, and the water will consume dissolved oxygen in the water, destroy the ecosystem, pollute the environment, and is a typical organic sewage. If the direct discharge has an impact on the environment, the waste water needs to be recycled.

Recycled water could be reused and back to plastic washing line.


Blade sharpener for dull knife

Knive sharpener

The knife sharpener is designed according to the easy loss of the plastic crusher blade, which often requires tough grinding. It is an essential supporting product for the crusher, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the crusher. It is composed of six parts: fuselage, workbench, slide plate, decelerating electrode, grinding head and electrical appliance. The structure between the components is compact, the appearance arrangement is beautiful and reasonable, the grinding head is smooth and smooth, the equipment has the characteristics of small size, light weight, fast working efficiency (3-4 times of the conventional grinder), and is suitable for all kinds of straight edge tool grinding processing.


Turnkey solution for plastic recycling machine


Not only we making plastic recycling machines,but also we can help our customer to finish their production from A-Z.

Retech will first design the machines according to production need. After the design confirmed by customer,we provide full layout diagrams of machine details with dimensions. Factory layout design,machine installation guide.

It is to achieve design-production-installation—after service,whole chain service of plastic recycling solutions.




Plastic washing line: Plastic Shredder-Crusher-High speed friction washer-Hot wash tank-Floating tank-Dewatering machine-Squeezer-Silo.
Auxilary machine: Water treatment machine, knife sharpener.
Plastic pelletizing line: Belt conveyor-Compactor feeding-Main extruder-Vacuum degassing-Filtration screen-Die face cutter-Vibrator-Packaging.
Auxilary machine: Water chiller, cooling tower.

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Finished Product Display

PE squeezed film

PP die face pellets

HDPE water ring pellets

PP strand cutting granules

HDPE die face granules

PP washed flakes

PS shredded flakes

LDPE recycling granules

HDPE pelletizing granules

PP granulating pellets


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