300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line
300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line
300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line
300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line
300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line
300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line

300kg/hr PE PP Film Washing Recycling Line

Our fully automatic PE PP film washing recycling line is the ideal solution for your PP/PE film recycling needs. The PE PP film washing line are widely used to recycle plastic like LDPE LLDPE film,PP woven bag,PP jumbo bag.etc. By our PP PE film recycling line, the final humidity of film flakes will be less than 5%, the film flakes could send to our pelletizing machine to make granules directly. We can supply customized PE PP plastic film recycling solutions according to client's specific requirements between capacity 300kg/hr-2000kg/hr.

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Our complete PP PE film line is used for recycling and cleaning waste plastic materials like LDPE agriculture film, LLDPE packaging film, PP woven bag, PP jumbo big bag, etc. We could supply the PP PE film washing line in capacity between 300kg/h to 2000kg/h. As a professional manufacturer of plastic PE PP film washing line for over 15 years, we provide customers with one-stop PE PP film washing recycling solutions with our unique structure, professional design and global service experience. Our pe pp film washing  line has received unanimous approval from the plant, gteatly improved the plastic pp pe film recycling efficiency and output.

Advantage of Our PP PE film washing line

1. Obtained CE and ISO 9001 certification.

2. Perfectly remove all kinds of dirty attachments on the surface of materials, such as mud, oil, glue, etc.

3. Easy to operate and has low energy consumption.

4. High efficiency, large capacity and stable work

5. With 304 stainless steel materials with longevity.

6. Use world-renowned brand components to ensure good quality.

7. Composed of crushing part, continuous washing parts and squeezing & drying parts. 

8. Could be displayed "I" "L" "U" shapes according to your workshop.


The PE/PP film washing line mainly used for recycling waste PE or PP film, agriculture film,  LDPE agriculture film,LLDPE stretch film, PP woven bag and PP jumbo bag scrap. After processed by our PE PP fim washing line, you can get the clean and dry film flakes.

LDPE agriculture film

LLDPE wrapping film

PP woven bag

PP jumbo bag

After process

After process

After process

After process


Model Power Water  Capacity
RM300 90kw/h 4-6 t/h 300kg/h
RM500 165kw/h 6-8 t/h 500kg/h
RM1000 325kw/h 8-10 t/h 1000kg/h

Cleaning Process


Working Flow:
Belt conveyor→Crusher→Screw friction washer→Floating washer→ Screw friction washer→Floating washer→Screw conveyor→High-speed friction machine→Screw conveyor→Two direction horizontal separating screw→Squeezer machine→Storage hopper→Control cabinet


  • Shredder & crusher as a group to cut the big bale or normal film shape, unique design new angle of blades in crusher chamber, cut the plastic in highest performance and in lowest current and noise. All the cutting way is balanced and stable and make max capacity.
  • The friction washer is used to remove the dirt from plastics and it works with the fuction of centrifuge force to separate sand, mud, stones., etc. As soon as the film come into floating washing tank,it is in minimum dirt content. It will have a big help to film cleaning.
  • High speed friction washer mainly handle and remove some stubborn dirt.  At the same time, get rid of stickers on film flakes with high speed centrifuge force.
  • Film squeezing machine or centrifuge dryer optionally. Film squeezing machine uses pressure to squeeze water out of the PP/PE film directly from the washers. Centrifuge dryer uses centrifugal force to remove most of the moisture from the PP/PE film directly from the washer.
No Equipment Functions Details

Belt conveyor

To conveying film/bag to crusher,metal detector is to alarming and finding

metals/protect blades in crusher.

belt conveyor

Wet crusher

To crush the big film into small flakes,crushing with water is much more efficiently.Specially design with stagger blades will make the cutting stress and current more balance and getting higher capacity.

wet crusher

Screw conveyor

To convey the crushed film flakes to next step and rub the film.

screw conveyor

Film floating washer

To fully wash the film flakes, the rollers will make films more unfolded and push them to the end of tank.

The chain conveyor is more easily to convey the film to get more capacity.

film floating washer

High speed friction washer

To remove the dirt from film flakes by centrifuge force, thus,fewer dirt will go to floating washer.


Squeezing machine

To process PP/PE film, conical shape screw can be ensure minimum the moisture.

squeezer machine

Storage hopper

To storage the dried film. With screw to push and avoid blocking.


Electric panel

To control the whole production line.

Quality Assurance

Final moisture between 3%-5%.

Use world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,Fuji Inverter,SKF bearing,SUS 304 stainless steel, SKD-11 blades,etc.




Are you trading company or manufacturer?


We are a manufacturer which producing the machines by ourselves.


What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?


Our warranty year is one year. During the period, we provide you spare parts free of charge asap. But the technical guide is forever.


How can I install my machine when it arrives?


We will send the instruction manual and videos to you,your workers can install the machine accorded to it. If the situation is ok, we can arrange our engineer to your factory, who will teach your labors how to install machines.


How to maintenance machines in factory?


We will provide maintenance instruction, it will mark the oil model and time. And how many times you should check the machines. Any problems about machines, you can ask us anytime.


If our machine is not working suddenly, but we have not spare parts, how to solve?


We promise our machine’s quality. Also we will prepare enough spare parts from the beginning for using urgently. Some vulnerable parts(blades), we will suggest you to buy. The last way,we send you spare parts by DHL.


How to maintence recycling machine:


We will send you manuals for product maintenance and how to solve common problems. By the way, you can contact with us, we will try our best to teach you by instruction book or video.




We provide 12 months’ warranty period usually.In this Period, any machine’s quality problem,we will send spare parts soon by DHL. We will do our best to teach your worker how to change the spare parts by video or instruction.


24hours technical service:


We will online 24 hours every day, You can contact with us anytime. Our engineer will send you machine maintenance manuals.


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