PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

PET waste bottles recycling machine is designed for process waste PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles, cola bottles, pesi bottles etc. The PET bottle washing line including label-removing, crushing, washing, drying and packing; it is a perfect automatic recycling system to process the waste PET bottles into PET flakes.

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A large amount of waste PET bottles come from daily consumption of bottle-packed drinks and causes pet bottle resources waste and environmental pollution. our PET bottle washing recycling machine specially design to recycle and reprocess waste plastic PET bottles, Cola bottles, Pepsi cola bottles, Mineral water bottle, Beverage bottlesetc. 

The final PET flakes humidity will be less than 1% after processed by our PET bottle washing recycling machine ,dry and clean PET flakes could send to our pelletizing machine to make granules directly. We could supply the capacity of PET drinking bottle recycling machine between 500kg/h to 3000kg/h. The final product PET flakes have stable quality and various grades of application. The clean and recycled PET bottle flakes processed by the PET bottle recycling machine can be used to produce polyester staple fibers, PET tapes, pellets, PET transparent films and sheets, etc. Top grade PET bottle flakes also can be used to shape PET bottles again.



As the fiber grade to food grade PET bottle washing recycling machine supplier in china, Retech Machine is committed to the development of fully automated and intelligent large-scale investment intelligence PET bottle recycling system. Our plastic PET bottle recycling line is used for PET bottle recycling, and has the functions of PET bottle crushing, impurity cleaning and bottle flake drying. According to the different standards of PET bottle production, the degree of contamination of the bottle and the production requirements of customers, we can offer a series of customized PET bottle recycling solutions.

Advantage of our PET bottle recycling machine

  • Various capacity: Fully automatic and intelligent PET bottle recycling system.
  • Security compliance: All our machines are manufactured according to CE standards. All rotating parts have safety fences or covers to prevent personal injury. A limit switch is installed in the maintenance opening. All lines are equipped with emergency switches.
  • Long life operation: All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel SUS304, with a thickness of 3~6mm. All steel parts are anti-corrosion and pickling treatment.
  • Water saving: Provide waste water treatment to reduce water consumption to less than 1 liter per ton of PET sheet.
  • Energy saving: Reasonable plant structure design can not only clean the materials, but also help customers save electricity consumption, thereby helping customers to create more profits.

Custom service of PET bottle recycling machine

All plastic PET bottle recycling plants are designed according to the actual situation of customer materials and our rich experience in manufacturing PET bottle recycling machines.


Optional function units for your choice

1. Automatic dosing system: online real-time monitoring, saving manpower.
2. Water saving system.
3. PET fine powder purification: high-speed centrifugation, multi-step separation.
4. Automation: Monitor the running status and condition of all machines, repair any equipment problems in time, and enhance factory safety and control stability. 


PET Bottle, PET Baled Brick, Waste PET Cola Bottle, Soda bottle, Drinking water bottle, Fruit juice bottle, Tea beverage bottle and Other Mineral Water Bottle. 

PET Bottle

PET Bottle

PET Bottle

PET Bottle

After process

After process

After process

After process


Model Power Water  Capacity
RT1000 155kw/h 5-6 t/h 1000kg/h
RT2000 320kw/h 8-10 t/h 2000kg/h
RT3000 530kw/h 10-12 t/h 3000kg/h

Working Process


The main function of PET bottle recycling machine usually includes four points. First to crush and wash the PET flakes finally get clean flakes. Second to remove the labels thoroughly, third to remove the bottles caps fourth to dry the PET flakes, finally to get clean, pure and dry PET flakes. Combining wet crusher, friction washer, high speed friction washer floating washer and hot washer to guarantee the finally flakes good quality. 


Process Flow chart of plastic recycling PET bottle machine

De-baling→Trommel screen→Label Separation→Bottle Pre-washing→Manual Sorting and Metal Detecting→Wet Grinding→Gravity Separation→Chemical Washing for PET Flakes→Rinsing→Drying→Packing


Main parts fuction of recycling PET bottle machine

Strong baler to open baled PET bottle brick to loose.

Belt conveyor: The material enters the crusher from the crawler, and is driven by the inner roller.

Label Remover: Remove labels from bottles.

Manual sorting belt: If the label is still in the bottle, the worker can manually remove the label. Also, the different colors can be separated by hand.

Moving trommel screen to separate small stone,metals firstly.

Grinder: Crush material into small sizes.

High speed friction washer and hot washing system to wash the dirt.

Floating Washer: For cleaning pet flakes, making the flakes cleaner and whiter. It is also a must-have equipment for bottles and caps.

High efficiency dehydrator dryer in moving speed 2000 RPM .

Easy operation with low impurities below 150 PPM.

No Equipment name Quantity
1 Baler 1
2 Trommel Screen 1
3 Manual sorting 1
4 Label remover 1
5 Grinder 1
6 High speed friction washer 1
7 Hot washing tank 1
8 Dewatering machine 1
9 Zigzag label remover 1
10 Packaing system 1

Quality Assurance

Final moisture below 1%. Dry and clean.

Use world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,Fuji Inverter,SKF bearing,SUS 304 stainless steel, SKD-11 blades,etc.




Are you trading company or manufacturer?


We are a manufacturer which producing the machines by ourselves.


What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?


Our warranty year is one year. During the period, we provide you spare parts free of charge asap. But the technical guide is forever.


How can I install my machine when it arrives?


We will send the instruction manual and videos to you,your workers can install the machine accorded to it. If the situation is ok, we can arrange our engineer to your factory, who will teach your labors how to install machines.


How to maintenance machines in factory?


We will provide maintenance instruction, it will mark the oil model and time. And how many times you should check the machines. Any problems about machines, you can ask us anytime.


If our machine is not working suddenly, but we have not spare parts, how to solve?


We promise our machine’s quality. Also we will prepare enough spare parts from the beginning for using urgently. Some vulnerable parts(blades), we will suggest you to buy. The last way,we send you spare parts by DHL.


How to maintence recycling machine:


We will send you manuals for product maintenance and how to solve common problems. By the way, you can contact with us, we will try our best to teach you by instruction book or video.




We provide 12 months’ warranty period usually.In this Period, any machine’s quality problem,we will send spare parts soon by DHL. We will do our best to teach your worker how to change the spare parts by video or instruction.


24hours technical service:


We will online 24 hours every day, You can contact with us anytime. Our engineer will send you machine maintenance manuals.


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