How to Correct Operation Of Plastic Granulator

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Plastic granulator is a necessary equipment for many waste plastic enterprises. Proper operation and use of granulator can not only improve production efficiency, but also prolong the service life of equipment, reduce production cost and improve product competitiveness.  Therefore, we should operate the pelletizer correctly, apply it reasonably and maintain it properly to ensure the normal operation of the pelletizer.  

Operation of plastic recycling granulator  


The operation of the PP PE film pelletizer includes a series of links such as the device, adjustment, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair of the machine. Special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the pelletizer when using it, and the operation points of the pelletizer should be mastered.  Although various pelletizer operation points are not the same, but also has its similarities.  



1. Preparations before starting the device  


(1) The recycled material to be used for extrusion molding of raw materials, should meet the required drying requirements, if necessary, need to be further dried.  And the recycled material will be screened to remove agglomeration and mechanical impurities.  


(2) Before operation, check whether the water, electricity and gas systems in the equipment are normal, ensure that the water and gas channels are smooth, no leakage, electrical system is normal, heating system, temperature control, all kinds of instruments are reliable;  Auxiliary machine empty low speed test, observe whether the equipment is running normally;  Start the vacuum pump and observe whether it works normally.  Lubrication of slippery parts of various equipment.  Troubleshooting in time if found.  


(3) According to the variety and size of the product, choose the specifications of the nose and install it well;  Clean up the perforated plate and the parts of the machine head, and replace the filter.  


2. Start the system  


(1) After constant temperature, you can start the machine. Before starting the machine, the flange bolts of the head and granulator should be tightened again to eliminate the difference between the bolt and the head. The bolts of the tight head are tightened diagonally, and the force should be uniform.  When tightening the flange nut of the machine head, the tightness should be consistent around, otherwise the material should be run off.  


(2) Granulator operation, select "ready to start" button, then "start" button, and then slowly rotate screw speed adjustment knob, screw speed slow start.  Then gradually accelerate, at the same time a small amount of feeding.  When feeding, pay close attention to the host ammeter and the indication of various indicator head changes.  Screw torque should not exceed the red mark.  When granulator is operated, before the plastic profile is extruded, no one should stand in front of the mouth mold, in order to prevent injury accidents due to bolt pulling or wet foaming of raw materials.  


(3) After the plastic is extruded from the nose die, according to the indication value of the control instrument and the requirements of the extruded products, each part shall be adjusted accordingly to make the whole extrusion operation reach the normal state, and add enough material according to the need.  


(4) According to the condition of the extruded material, judge the plasticization degree of the material.  If the plasticizing is not good, the screw speed, barrel and head temperature can be adjusted properly until the requirements are met.  


(5) According to the process requirements, the various process parameters should be checked regularly whether they are normal, and fill in the process record.  Check the quality of products according to the quality inspection standard, find problems and take timely measures.  


3. Work after shutdown  


(1) The pelletizer operation stops feeding, and the plastic in the pelletizer is extruded.  Turn off the power supply of barrel and nose to stop heating.  


(2) Turn off the power supply of granulator and auxiliary machine, so that the screw and auxiliary machine stop running.  


(3) If the nose needs to be removed, it should be cleaned up.  Clean up the porous plate and the various parts of the head, cleaning to prevent damage to the inner surface of the head, the remaining material in the head should be cleaned with copper, and then use sandpaper to adhere to the plastic in the head grinding, and polishing, coated with oil or silicone oil rust prevention.  


(4) Screw and barrel cleaning.  Restart the host, add stop material (or crushing material) to clean the screw and barrel, at this time the screw selection of low speed, to reduce wear.  After the stop material is ground into powder and completely extruded, the residual particles and powder can be blown out repeatedly by compressed air from the feeding port and exhaust port until there is no residual material in the barrel, then the screw speed is reduced to zero, the pelleting machine is stopped, and the total power supply and the total cold water valve are closed.  

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