Waste Film Washing Recycling Equipment, Prevent And Control The Pollution Of Agricultural Film

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Agricultural film is the main tool in the agricultural production process. During the growth of crops, it can be used to increase ground temperature, maintain soil moisture, and promote seed germination. Agricultural films mainly include greenhouse films and mulch films. In addition, sunshade nets, insect nets, and non-woven fabrics used in agricultural production are also included. The use of agricultural film has promoted the growth of agricultural output and brought great land benefits to the majority of farmers.



However, with the extensive promotion and use of agricultural films, the pollution of the ecological environment is becoming increasingly serious while the economic benefits of agriculture are continuously improving.

Ordinary agricultural film is basically made of polyethylene. As a polymer compound, this kind of agricultural film is difficult to degrade under natural conditions. If it is not properly disposed of, the residue in the soil will not only destroy the soil structure, but also reduce the yield of crops. yield and quality. Therefore, the pollution caused by a large number of agricultural films is gradually threatening the sustainable development of ecology.

Measures have been taken step by step to fight the tough battle against agricultural film pollution.

Shredding, crushing, cleaning, friction washing, dehydration, drying and other processing procedures are mainly carried out by the plastic film washing machine. Through these steps, clean and dry plastic film fragments are obtained, which can be directly fed into plastic granulator with double stages.



Recycling and reusing agricultural film has become the main action to protect agricultural development and promote ecological health. Encourage the research and development and promotion of agricultural film recycling technology and machinery, and carry out the reuse of waste agricultural film.

After the policies of supporting agricultural film recycling came out, Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery Co., Ltd. was deeply aware of the environmental pollution of agricultural film, and with the vision of grasping the cutting-edge information of the industry, it innovatively developed a set of waste film cleaning and granulation solutions. This solution is specially designed to solve the problem of plastic film cleaning and granulation. It is suitable for all kinds of film waste such as agricultural film, mulch film and woven bags with a thickness of about 1-25 mm. With the company's unique technical hard power, we are committed to creating a green and resourceful ecological environment.


The whole set of waste film cleaning and granulation solution integrates software and hardware, adopts modular equipment, covers various processes such as crushing system, cleaning system, dehydration system, and granulation system. Different workshop sites and actual needs. There are also non-modular configurations, and the equipment can be configured according to the customer's budget.


While seizing the opportunities in the industry, Retech Machinery has not been careless in the production line equipment manufacturing. The high-end products adopt Siemens PLC and touch screen automatic control, which can collect the operation data of all equipment and have the operation fault alarm function. It can better analyze the operation data of the production line for the owner, calculate the operation cost, and adjust the operation rhythm. Retech Machinery always takes customers first as its service tenet, and uses better parts to ensure the effect of equipment operation.


The demand for ecological environment management is increasing, and the pollution of waste agricultural film is a problem that cannot be ignored. Retech Machinery waste film cleaning and granulation solution integrates crushing, cleaning, and dehydration to ensure clean and efficient film recycling and recycling of film resources, which solves the industry's pain point of film pollution recycling .


Plastic recycling washing equipment for agricultural film is sold all over the world, and has made a certain contribution to the regeneration of farm film. In addition, with the recycling of water resources and the need to save costs, Retech Machinery can also provide customers with supporting facilities for sewage treatment equipment.


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