What can be done after waste plastics recycled?

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What can be done after recycling waste plastics? This is a question that many people care about. Let’s talk specifically about what can be done with waste plastics after cleaning and granulation. For example, waste plastics can be used to make roads, chairs, suitcases, building bricks, mobile phone cases, watches, etc.


Building road:

After waste plastics are regenerated and granulated, each particle will have different characteristics, and some of them cannot be made into new products. Therefore, it is necessary to use this kind of material that cannot be used as a new product in other aspects to pave roads. This innovative method not only "turns waste into roads" to reduce the generation of environmental waste. Compared with conventional pure asphalt paved roads, this Polymer-modified asphalt pavement performance is more excellent, and durable.


Red carpet:

Recycled waste mineral water bottles can be made into new red carpets, which have the functions of flame retardant, anti-fouling, and anti-ultraviolet rays.


The suitcase is made from secondary processing of recycled plastic. The new suitcase series, in which the large-sized suitcase contains recycled materials equivalent to 483 yogurt cups and 14 plastic bottles, has an outer shell made entirely of recycled plastic and an inner fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles.



At the end of the life of the plastic chair, the plastic parts can be recycled and the metal connectors can be reused. "Natural materials will be favored by all walks of life, but given the 6.3 billion metric tons of waste plastic we produce on the planet, there is a need to find a rational way to use these flexible material resources, thereby saving raw material usage. Through It is shredded and crushed, put into a granulator, made into granules, and then used to make new chairs and other products.


Building bricks

Now some product companies are shredding some waste plastics and using them to turn them into plastic bricks.


Cellphone case


Now mobile phone cases can also be made of environmentally friendly plastic materials.

For example:

Outdoor brand Lander has launched a new line of eco-friendly protective cases designed for Apple’s iPhone 12. The upgraded version of the popular Torrey series of protective cases uses Eastman’s Tritan™ Renew sustainable material. The Torrey Series case features a soft-touch, bio-based plastic on the outside, and a hard, protective interior made from Tritan Renew. In addition to using environmentally friendly materials, Lander also uses 100% recyclable non-plastic materials on product packaging, and uses soybean ink to print, and adopts corresponding sustainable strategies in logistics and transportation to reduce carbon footprints.


Electric car

For example: the body, surface treatment, windows and interior of the car are all made of recycled materials, including PET bottles, ABS and household waste. The base is made from linen and recycled plastic, much of which is salvaged from the ocean.



Mouse: The plastic part of the mouse will also use recycled materials, and through a certain proportion, it will be made into a new shell.

For example: Computer component manufacturer Logitech (Logitech) released a new mouse ERGO M575. Logitech says the percentage of recycled plastic in each product will vary depending on the type, color and material of the product. At present, the proportion of PCR in plastic parts of Logitech products ranges from 80% to 20%.


Set top box

Today's set-top boxes are also made from a certain percentage of recycled materials.

For example: Liberty Global launched a TV set-top box made of 35% recycled materials. According to reports, the set-top box has a small form factor and provides comprehensive content access including live TV, rebroadcast and on-demand content and a series of built-in OTT applications.



Some of the materials of the watch are reprocessed from recycled plastic bottles, and the outer packaging of the watch is also made of recycled materials.

Case in point: luxury goods company Tom Ford has released the first luxury watch made entirely of ocean-recycled plastic, the model 002 Ocean Plastic Watch, priced at £895. According to reports, each watch will consume 35 plastic bottles recycled from the ocean, and the packaging of the entire watch is also recyclable.

At present, the regeneration methods after plastic recycling include: melting regeneration, thermal cracking, energy recovery, recycling of chemical raw materials and other methods. With the application of new technologies and new equipment, the recycling of waste plastics has also developed from a single physical recycling to a diversified environmental protection disposal.

Forecast: The waste plastic industry is still in the early stage of the outbreak, and the penetration rate of waste plastics can reach more than 20%. In the future, waste plastics will start a high-speed growth trend.


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