PET Packaging Tape Strap Production Line
PET Packaging Tape Strap Production Line
PET Packaging Tape Strap Production Line
PET Packaging Tape Strap Production Line
PET Packaging Tape Strap Production Line

PET Packaging Tape Strap Production Line

PET packaging belt tape production machine is used to make PET packaging tape strap. Due to the strapping belt with good plasticity, strong tensile strength, bending resistance, light weight and convenient use is widely used in various fields

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Product Description

The whole PET strap tape production line is mainly composed of a specially designed pre-drying, intelligent high temperature drying, de-humidification high temperature keep drying machine, plasticizing host (independent design of the screw cylinder, constant temperature heating system, digital display of adjustable mold), six bearing adjustment of early embryo of cooling water tank, steady type a traction unit, loop energy saving, visible controllable oven, polymer constraint directional unit, Intelligent digital display constant embossing machine, stress relief (retraction system) equalization system (accurate and rapid cooling), water removal system, semi-automatic or automatic winding machine, etc.


The PET packaging tape strap production line is suitable for the production of PET bottle flakes 100% PET packing belt, basic features: safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving, economy, beautiful, practical, high stability, high automatic degree and produce PET packing belt stable geometry size, grams per meter weight light,strong tension,low elongation at break, fracture toughness good, beautiful and practical,sexual price is superior. Is the development trend of packaging belt trend guidance, is the epoch-making innovation of PET packaging belt market, PP packaging belt can not meet the best choice of heavy packaging, but also the inevitable choice of investment production of PET packaging belt project. 

Main advantages of this standard configuration

1. Multi-stage pre-drying;

2. The capacity of pre-drying and de-humidification drying is larger and more efficient;

3. The two drying systems and oven adopt sandwich, sandwich with high insulation material in the middle, energy saving in 5-10%;

4.The first and fourth traction belong to the kinetic energy conversion of the reducer, and the stability is high;

5. The equipment contains a number of invention patents.

Multiple utility model patents. PET packaging belt main application areas

Ceramics, brick road brick industry, aluminum, lead industry, timber industry, steel industry, the stone industry, furniture industry, mattress, screw, feather industry, chemical fiber, cotton industry, hardware industry, paper industry, textile industry, the tobacco industry, metallurgical industry, foundry industry, refractory industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, agriculture, construction, all sorts of big heavy package.


PET packing tape production line.

PET Flakes

PET Flakes

PET Flakes

PET Flakes

PET Tape

PET Tape

PET Tape

PET Tape


Model Screw Dia L/D Width Thickness 
RSP65 65mm 25 9-19mm 0.6-1.2mm
RSP65 65mm 28
RSP80 80mm 25 9-19mm 0.6-1.2mm
RSP80 80mm 28
RSP90 90mm 25 9-19mm 0.6-1.2mm
RSP90 90mm 28
RSP100 100mm 25 9-19mm 0.6-1.2mm
RSP100 100mm 28
RSP120 120mm 25 9-19mm 0.6-1.2mm
RSP120 120mm 28

Granulating Process

  • * It not only has the advantages of technical type, but also upgrades the configuration of Siemens motor and Siemens frequency converter.
  • * The effect of running is more stable.
  • * It upgrades the configuration of 38CrMoAL screw and upgrades the embossing roller to laser embossing roller, which has longer wear resistance and better embossing pattern.
  • * The main application of the packaging belt: packaging of conventional materials, widely used, cost-effective is very obvious, competitiveness highlights.
  • * Automatically filter screen with big filtration area.
No Equipment name Quantity
1 Screw conveyor 1
2 Ration feeder 1
3 Main extruder 1
4 Water Cooling Tank 1
5 Dryer 1
6 Embossing machine 1
7 Tape handler 1
8 Vibrator 1
9 Rod coiling machine 1
10 Auxiliary equipment 1

Quality Assurance

Maximum line velocity: 120m/min.

Use world famous brand parts,like Siemens motor,Fuji Inverter,SKF bearing,38CrMoA1A bimetal screw,etc.



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