What Is The Low Density Polyethylene( LDPE) Recycling Process?

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There are four main processes in the whole recycling LDPE plastic film recycling process.


Crushing process

The first step is the crushing process, and the effect of crushing and washing with water is better. Since some good high pressure films are kept clean enough, they can be re-blown without adding new material. Therefore, pay attention to cleaning during the crushing process. When the crushed material flows into the water tank, it is best to roll it again, in order to further flush the cleaning point.


Water washing process

The second step is the water washing process. After the pulverized plastic film has undergone a series of friction cleaning and water tank rinsing, the sediment impurities on the surface can be completely removed. Some surface appendages such as paper labels can be cleaned thoroughly with the label separation system. The equipment in the cleaning process is recommended to be made of stainless steel 304, which can avoid the secondary pollution of plastic.


Drying process

The third step is the drying process. Generally, the dehydrator dries the water, and the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed dehydrator can efficiently separate the moisture from the material. Here, the use of a film squeezer can also be suggested with better drying effect.

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Granulation process

The fourth step is the granulation process. The granules produced by the special LDPE film extruder have two basic uses, plastic extrusion and plastic injection.

The material coming out of the 80 to 120 mesh filter can be blown again. The material coming out of the 60 to 80 mesh filter can meet the quality requirements of injection molding. Generally speaking, the high-pressure material blows the film again, the good blowing quality, almost blowing the black film and plastic garbage bags, the price after plastic injection is lower.

The above processes can provide specific customized solutions for plastic film recycling equipment according to the specific needs of customers.


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