Accelerate Development of Biodegradable Plastic and Recycling Plastic Industry

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Plastic "white pollution" has become an environmental issue that is concerned about global attention, and has brought great challenges to global sustainable development. Our country is the world's largest plastic producer and consumer country. The treatment of plastic pollution is not only related to the vital interests of the people, but also about the construction of ecological civilization. It has become a social consensus. Bio -degradable plastics can completely degrade them into carbon dioxide and water in specific environments. It takes into account environmental protection and use needs. It is an ideal alternative product to treat plastic pollution.

Since 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and other ministries and commissions have issued documents many times to further strengthen the treatment of plastic pollution, carry out special actions for plastic pollution all -chain governance, and increase the key core technology research and results transformation of key core technologies for degradable plastics, and plastic recycling becomes more and more important.

In recent years, the rapid development of global biodegradable plastic industries has formed a certain scale. According to the "Research Report of China's Degradable Plastic Industry (2022)", the global degradable plastic capacity in 2021 is about 1.7 million tons of capacity, and it is expected that the global degradable plastic production capacity will increase to 4 million tons by 2025. Although my country's biodegradable plastic industry starts late, driven by dual factors of policy support and market demand, my country has now become the world's largest biodegradable plastic production country, accounting for about 60%of the world's capacity. Among them, shopping bags Food packaging, tableware, agricultural film and other disposable plastic products account for dominant positions, accounting for more than 70%. According to the China Plastic Processing Industry Association's degradation plastics, the total production capacity of domestic biodegradable plastics will exceed 6.5 million tons by 2025.

While the rapid development of biodegradable plastic industries, some industries have also occurred. At present, the industry has four problems: low market enthusiasm, recycling policies and facilities, incomplete facilities, low circulation level, and insufficient market supervision.

For these reasons, there are four high -targeted suggestions.

The first is to increase policy support and promote biological degradable plastic applications.

To strengthen the popularization of science popularization in combination with garbage classification, strengthen the implementation and supervision of the "plastic limit order" policy, and guide residents to use more biodegradable plastic products; prioritize public places such as government departments, hotels, venues, stations, tourist attractions, etc. Degradable logo products. For different application scenarios and classifying biodegradable plastics scientifically, such as agricultural production in the field of agricultural production, agricultural plastic membranes that can be degraded in the soil environment through special subsidies and other methods to avoid recycling difficulties; In areas such as garbage collection, one -time tableware, garbage bags, etc. that can use the use of kitchen waste garbage to reduce sorting costs.

The second is to improve the terminal classification system and recycling processing infrastructure of biodegradable plastic.

Incorrect biological degradable plastic categories in garbage classification, set up independent trash cans, improve the logo and transportation system, and add recycling facilities in key areas such as express stations. Reasonably set up industrial compost factories, it is recommended to give priority to transforming the abandoned garbage landfill into industrial compost factories, and degradable products that cannot be used in circular use for industrial compost treatment.

The third is to improve the level of recycling of biodegradable plastic.

Through special funding support, tax discounts, etc., biological degradable plastic circulation utilization technology is supported. Formulate policy support and promote the sanitation department, e -commerce platforms, logistics enterprises, production and recycling enterprises, and form a demonstration of biodegradable plastic production, use, and recycling processing industry chain.

The fourth is to improve the standard system and market supervision for biodegradable plastics to promote healthy and orderly development.

Further improve the standard system of biological degradable plastic products, strengthen market supervision and degradable logo management, increase punishment for "pseudo -degradation" products, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the market.

With the further development of degradable plastics and the further development of plastic recycling machinery, it is believed that the problem of plastic pollution can be effectively relieved, and plastic can also achieve green development.


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