What are the waste plastic recycling steps and utilization technologies

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1 Waste plastic classification collection:

Plastic production and processing waste plastic, its variety is single, no pollution and aging, can be collected and processed separately. Agricultural PVC film, PE film, PVC cable sheathing material can also be collected and processed separately.

Most of the waste plastics belong to mixed waste, in addition to the complexity of plastic varieties, but also mixed with various pollutants, labels and various composite materials.



2 Plastic crushing and sorting:

According to its nature, the appropriate crusher is selected, using electrostatic method, magnetic method, screening method, wind method, specific gravity method, floating beneficiation method, color separation method, X-ray separation method, near infrared separation method and other methods to break and separate waste plastics.

3 Resource recycling

1. Make fuel oil. The use of such as food bags, waste woven bags, beverage bottles, plastic soles, wire and cable leather, foam lunch boxes, plastic toys, etc., to produce high-quality 90 # fuel, 1 ton of waste plastic can produce about half a ton of oil.

2, The production of waterproof and antifreeze glue. With foam plastic waste as the base material, under special formula and technological conditions to produce multi-variety, multi-purpose indoor and outdoor building decoration water-resistant adhesive liquid series products, each ton of waste can produce several tons of finished adhesive

3. Prepare aromatic compounds. The method is to heat the waste plastic such as PE and PP to 300 ° C, decompose it into carbohydrates, and then add a catalyst to synthesize benzene, toluene and xylene and other aromatic compounds. When reacting at a temperature of 525 ° C, 70% of waste plastics can be converted into useful aromatic substances, which can be used as raw materials for chemicals and pharmaceuticals and fuel improvers for gasoline, etc., and have a wide range of uses. The remaining components can be converted to hydrogen and propane.

4, Prepare multi-functional resin adhesive.

5, For aluminum-plastic composite materials using aluminum-plastic automatic separation agent, aluminum-plastic packaging will be completely separated in about 20 minutes, each ton of waste aluminum-plastic packaging can be separated from 0.85 tons of recycled plastic and 0.1 tons of waste aluminum.

6, Fire decorative board.

7,The use of special granulation equipment, waste polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics through the crushing - cleaning - heating plasticization - extrusion molding process, processing and production of market-selling recycled particles.

8, The production of the leakage king for the surface of the house, the anti-leakage performance is very strong.

9, Production of plastic woven bags recycling line.


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