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Retech On Chinaplas 2024

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From April 23 to 26, 2024, CHINAPLAS was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai.

Retech proudly showcased its latest recycling machines and technology, featuring the "RCSJ" series compactor pelletizing machines. Our advanced machines and innovative recycling solutions received high praise from the visitors. The professional and patient presentations by the Retech sales team were met with great satisfaction.

Key technological advancements in our new film pelletizing line include:

Plastic Recycling Machine

Inverter Control on Compactor: Unlike previous designs, the new compactor operates with frequency control, significantly reducing power consumption and adapting to different materials. The speed is automatically controlled based on current and temperature measurements from the PLC system.

Plastic Recycling Machine

Upgraded Degassing System: Our new vacuum degassing system on the extruder is more eco-friendly and reduces pollution, enhancing the overall sustainability of the process.

Plastic Recycling Machine

Laser Filter with Automatic Filtration: This feature garnered substantial interest from visitors due to its labor-saving and automatic operation, making the filtration process more efficient.

Plastic Recycling Machine

Latest Cutting System for Granules: The air-forced die-face cutter, equipped with balanced pressure, ensures the granules are consistently uniform and robust.

Plastic Recycling Machine

Vibrating Screen for Film Pelletizing System: This addition enhances stability and offers an aesthetically pleasing design.

Plastic Recycling Machine

High-Efficiency Centrifuge Dryer: Operating at 2800 RPM, the centrifuge dryer effectively reduces the moisture content of granules to within 1%, ensuring high-quality output.

These innovations underscore Retech's commitment to advancing recycling technology and providing sustainable solutions to the industry.


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