Plastic HDPE PP Regrind Flakes Pelletizing Machine Tested Successfully

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Date:5th May,2023

Machine/Model: RHSJ160-180 HDPE flakes double stage pelletizing line


To:Saudi Arabia

Retech production team well tested new RCSJ160-180 HDPE PP rigid flakes granulating line. The machine runs very stable with 2 hours,the average capacity is about 650kg/hr.

Features of our plastic HDPE flakes granulation line:

  1. Ration feeding with automatically. The feeding hopper is linkage setting with ampere current from extruder.

     2. Degassing: by vacuum degassing for humidity and impurities.

     3. With two times filtration systems to get best quality granules.

     4. Noodle outlet between main and baby extruders, it is for degassing too.

     5. Water ring cutter with specific flow way to making uniform granules.

     6. Centrufugal dryer with fast rotation force to get lowest humidity below 1%.

     7. Vibrating screen to select granules and make sure all granules in same size.


     8. World famous brand electric elements like Schineider,Teco,Siemens,etc.


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