Customer Story: Europe 2000kg/h PET Bottle Recycling Washing Machine

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Meeting each other:

In 2019 we participate in the exhibition and meet this customer. He was interested in 1000kg/h PET bottle washing plant, he showed me the waste bottles. We talked a lot( I showed him our cases’ video and simple offer), finally he told me he would travel to China next month. I invite him to visit our factory.

Discussing and confirming PET recycling plant:

After he was back to Europe, we continue to discuss with 1000kg/h PET bottle washing recycling machine. Based on the first offer, customers requests” the label remover machine, crusher, manual separating table, two steam washers, floating tanks”. I change equipment. Finally, get the customer’s affirmation.

Project postpone:

After preparing everything, I think we should do contracts. The customer's email inform us the project ”1000kg/h PET bottle recycling line” is delayed. So we say hi at Festivals.

Project start again after two years:

In 2021 the covid-19 has not ended,I received an email, and our customer told me the project is started again, this time they needed 2000kg/h PET recycling project. So we discuss again, his raw material is baled PET bottle with 20% contaminant. After discussing with our engineer, I provide our first processing with technical parameters. The customer denied our recycling solutions, he suggest that the manual sorting table need make higher and bigger, the steam washer need two sets, water discharging part need change, after several improvements, he ask us to provide layout and space needed.

Finally we confirm:

  • The whole PET recycling line’s layout after the customer provides his factory space.
  • Total power consumption.
  • Total water consumption.
  • How to recycle the hot water from the steam washer(soda water, etc)
  • Color sorter machine’s confirmation.
  • How many laborers needed?
  • How many spare parts need prepare?

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