Tool Changing Steps of Plastic Crusher

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In the production line of plastic recycling equipment, the function of the crusher is particularly important, and a good crushing effect can ensure the production capacity of the entire production line. The crusher is generally placed in the front section of the plastic recycling and cleaning line. Usually, the cutter shaft of the crusher is composed of a movable knife and a fixed knife, and the two cut the material to ensure the uniformity of the material. After working for a period of time, the knife of the crusher will become dull, and it needs to be sharpened in time to ensure the stable operation and production capacity of the entire plastic recycling and cleaning line. Below, we introduce the tool changing steps of the crusher in the plastic recycling equipment.

Crushing motor/fixed knife installation and disassembly and clearance adjustment steps


Loosen the lock nut of the crushing chamber, and then remove the crushing knives on the knife base in turn. Wear gloves to avoid scratches during this process;


Replace with a new broken knife, or sharpen the old knife, pay attention to the best use of a knife sharpener to ensure a sharp edge;

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Adjust the gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife. For different materials, the gap can be adjusted appropriately, generally 1~2mm. For film plastics, the gap should be as small as possible to improve the crushing efficiency. The knife and the fixed knife need to be aligned. After one group is installed, rotate the spindle by hand, and repeat the installation of the next two groups;


After the installation is completed, turn the spindle by hand to check whether there is interference between the movable and fixed knives, and then check the locking of the blades;

⑤Test machine

It is recommended to run it for about 5 minutes after power-on. After no abnormality, gradually add the material to be crushed. Be careful not to put too much at one time. The new knife needs a period of running-in period.

Did you get it? After replacing the blade, the plastic crusher must pay attention to the adjustment of the gap. Too large or too small will have a certain impact on the crushing efficiency. Correctly follow the above steps to make the plastic crusher knife change simple and safe.


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