Which Pelletizing Machine Is Optimal for Recycling Plastic?

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A growing number of plastic production facilities are focusing on reducing waste and recycling the materials that go into making plastic products.

The most effective method for recycling plastic trash is through the use of plastic pelletizing machine. In the recycling sector, there are numerous varieties of plastic film pelletizing machines.

In this post, we'll go over the several kinds of plastic pelletizing machines and recycling lines, as well as their typical equipment.

Standard equipment included in plastic pelletizing machines

 Washing line for plastic trash

The best option for recycling plastic waste is completely automated washing lines. It transforms Polypropylene or Polyethylene films that are damaged and dirty into contaminant-free film fragments.

 Plastic pulverizer

The plastic pulverizer equipment operates at high speed. Its intended use is to crush and shatter every type of plastic material, both soft and hard.

The plastic pulverizer also utilizes a filtering sieve with holes of different diameters, it helps in producing varying grain sizes.

 Plastic film compression drier

The purpose of the plastic film compression drier is to squeeze out water or any form of moisture from the cleaned recyclable plastic materials.

RCSJ130 PP Woven Bag Shredding Compacting Double Stage Die Face Cut Pelletizing Line

Plastic shredder

The plastic shredder in pelletizing machine has a single shaft and it is designed for shredding plastic materials such as polypropylene and Polyethylene films.

Types of Pelletizing Machines

For recycling plastics, two pelletizing machines are available.

1.  Strand pelletizing machine

2.  Water ring pelletizing machine

However, keep in mind that selecting the proper machine for your subsequent recycling process is crucial for the materials and refined products.

 Strand pelletizing machine

PET and other plastic materials with a high melting index are pelletized with a strand pelletizing machine. The machine is used to crush and pulverize strong plastic polymers that are harder than the water ring pelletizing machine can handle.

In a strand pelletizing machine, the plastic melt initially travels through a water bath, where it cools and solidifies. The plastic is next pelletized using pneumatic cutters, which also extract the moisture from the pellets' surface.

 Water ring pelletizing machine

In a water-ring pelletizing system, also referred to as hot die face pelletizing, the rotating blades mounted on the surface of the die head immediately cut liquid plastic melt flowing from the recycling extruder into small plastic pellets.

The spherical plastic pellets created are quickly allowed to cool in the water ring, rinsed off, and then water is extracted from it on the vibration table before finishing off by passing through a centrifugal drier.

Which is the optimal pelletizing machine for recycling plastic materials?

There has been a bone of contention about which of the two machines is best for recycling plastic waste. Here's the distinction.

Water-ring pelletizing is undoubtedly the most advocated and effective plastic reprocessing technique available today if you're recycling post-industrial or post-consumer material.

It would be more appropriate to use the strand kind of pelletizing, though, if you mostly recycled materials with a high melting index.

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