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Washing Machine

Every day, there are many post-consumer plastics from agriculture land, packaging industry, plastic injection, chemical industry, etc. The waste plastics are need to recycle and reuse by plastic washing equipment for environment protection. After the plastic washing step, clean and dry-washed flakes are put into making pellets by plastic pelletizing machine. When you start a plastic recycling project, a professional recycling solution is a vital section for achieving the plastic recycling goal. 


Types of Our Main Washing Solutions 

  • PP PE Film Washing Line
  • PET Bottle Washing Plant
  • HDPE PP ABS Bottle Flakes Washing Machine

Reliable Plastic Washing Machine Manufacturer

Our plastic washing recycling machines are designed to reprocess waste plastics. With advanced design and rich experience in the plastic recycling industry, we can supply the plastic film washing machine in capacity between 300kg/h to 2000kg/h and the plastic bottle washing machine in capacity between 500kg/h to 3000kg/h. We also could provide specific custom washing and recycling solutions based on the raw plastic materials' nature and your apllication requirements.

Working Flow of Plastic Washing Recycling Machine

Plastic Sorting→Shredding→Crushing→High-Speed Friction Washing→Floating Washing→Drying-Packaging.

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