Six Stages of Plastic Washing and Recycling

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More people are becoming aware of the need to keep the planet safe and healthy. Waste is a cause of concern because while some types of waste are biodegradable, others are not.

Plastic waste is one of the non-biodegradable wastes that can cause land pollution. Especially if you do not dispose of it properly, recycling is a solution to this problem. The stages of recycling plastics involve washing, which is with plastic washing equipment.

Keep reading to learn more about the six stages of plastic recycling.

Plastic Waste Collection

The first stage in plastic waste recycling is the collection of plastics from homes, offices, manufacturing companies and roadsides. The waste examples are plastic bottles, food packs, kegs, disposable cutlery, etc.

Sorting Plastic Waste

After collecting the waste, the next step is sorting out the plastics. Some plastics are thermosets, while some are thermoplastics.

In other cases, plastic may not be pure but combined with other materials like metals.

So, plastic waste requires sorting into various categories to use the appropriate processing methods.

Combining several types of plastic waste for processing might not yield the best results. So, the sorting stage in the recycling process is necessary.

Washing the Plastic Waste

In the process of gathering and transporting plastic waste from the collection site to the processing site, it would have gathered a lot of dust and debris.

Also, some plastic containers may still contain remnants of food and other products. Plastic washing equipment cleans these plastic wastes and makes them suitable for further recycling. They are also called plastic washing recycling machines.

These machines come with various specifications custom-made to suit several types of plastic materials based on their nature and intended use after recycling.

plastic washing equipment.

Shredding the Plastic Waste

For an easy recycling process, the plastic waste undergoes reduction to smaller sizes. The shredding occurs on conveyor belts that feed the plastic waste into the shredder machine.

That presents an acceptable form of plastics which are sold or undergo further processing into other products.

Extruding the Plastic Waste

The extrusion process involves crushing and melting the plastic waste into pellets. These pellets are one of the forms of plastic waste materials suitable for further processing.

The plastic pellets are usually more uniform in texture and composition. That way, you can have different grades of plastic pellets that are similar and as pure as possible.

Production and Distribution Stage

Once the plastic waste has successfully gone through all these stages, it is ready for use to produce new products.

These products may be plastic bags or various other items. The pellets are sold or distributed to three-dimensional (3D) printing companies which use these pellets for printing prototypes for clients or other businesses.

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