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Retech Machinery at K 2022

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Our company just participated in the exhibition in Germany. The details of the exhibition are as follows.

The World No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber

Booth No: 8B-E11-10

Date:19-26 October, 2022

K 2022

The world's largest international Plastics and Rubber Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (referred to as K Exhibition) was held from October 19 to October 26. The sales team of RETECH (booth No. 8B-E11-10) demonstrated our latest plastic recycling solutions to customers all over the world at the exhibition site, which attracted the attention of new and old customers.

During the exhibition, we mainly introduced our plastic recycling and washing equipment, plastic recycling and granulation equipment, related plastic recycling equipment, plastic extrusion equipment and so on to customers through dynamic videos and pictures.

Many customers on site expressed strong interest in plastic recycling equipment. Warmly welcome global customers' inquiries with us freely.

About Retech

Zhangjiagang Retech Machinery CO., LTD is a professional plastic recycling machinery manufacturer located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province of China. With more than 15 years’ experience in plastic recycling machinery manufacturing, we have rich experience and increasingly perfect professional technology on machine design,research&development, processing&manufacturing, quality controlling, on-site installation and after-sales service and the one-stop system plastic recycling solutions.

Our main products are plastic recycling machinery, plastic washing and pelletizing machinery, plastic recycling auxiliary machinery like plastic shredders, crushers and squeezers,etc. We keep discussing and tracking service with our customers which makes our machines better and better.

Until now, our machines have been exported to many countries with more than 60 countries and areas such as UK, Germany, Russian, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Thailand,etc. Retech is committed to bringing more value-added benefits to max meet customers’ requests for every product and service.


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