Customer Story: A Fast and Trustable Cooperation

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Customer: Asian

Machinery:1000kg/hr LDPE film/HDPE bottle washing recycling line


A hurried bell was sounded in early July 2021, and the other end told us that they are very interested in our PE film friction floating tank. With a short greeting and basic understanding of background, we know customers have below concerns:

  1. They want to recycle and start a LDPE film washing line in 1000kg/hr.
  2. Their LDPE film will be very contaminated, so they need to remove dirt and bad smell from the product.
  3. Not only PE film, but also PP big bag and WEEE mixed rigid plastics they would like to recycle them in the same line in order to save cost.

Aiming at solving customer issues and designing a target recycling solution, the technical design scheme was confirmed in only 1 hour. The customer was very happy with the rapid reaction from RETECH.

Our key points to attract customers:

In order to remove the dirt and smell from the household film, we suggest putting a high-speed friction washer to remove the film stickers first. A hot washing tank with a flap function could fully wash the film in a floating tank, hot water could maximum remove the stubborn contaminations.

While the plastic film falls into the second floating tank, it is much cleaner.

By adjusting the mesh screen in the grinder, this line could also wash and recycle the WEEE rigid plastic like HDPE bottles, PP pipes, etc.

2 days later, the customer invited us to have a zoom online meeting for deeper communication. Both of us were satisfied with the detailed confirmation and design of PE film washing equipment.

Only one week, the order was confirmed. We start production immediately and keep in contact with customers of the process of our production steps. We made a 3D layout to help them to install the machine in the best positions.

3rd Oct, we all celebrated our national holiday, a customer called us again and they told us they need one more totally same PE recycling line to expand their production ability.

What a cooperation! Thanks to our team for their fast and professional reaction in the first time, and thanks to all our customers for their always trust and support.




















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