How to Effectively Control Drying Moisture During the Cleaning Process of Film Woven Bag

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In the process of cleaning and recycling plastic films and plastic woven bags, there is a step that plays a role in linking the past and the future, that is, the drying system. Lower film moisture content and good dryness can improve the quality of plastic granulation.

Usually, the moisture content of the plastic film after cleaning should not be higher than 7%. The particles produced by this method are not easy to generate air bubbles, and the plumpness of the particles is also better. How to reduce the film moisture as much as possible has become a difficult point in the industry. The previous treatment method basically uses a centrifugal dehydrator. After the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the moisture on the surface of the film is thrown off. With the heating system, the moisture can usually be controlled at 5%-7%, but the effect is still not satisfactory.

After continuous technical improvement, our company has developed and produced a new generation of film woven bag integrated extrusion dryer according to the characteristics of the film. The application of this equipment can greatly reduce the moisture content of the film after cleaning, and the minimum can be guaranteed within 3%.

Working principle

After the film and woven bag are crushed, cleaned and other processes, they can enter the film extrusion dryer evenly. The modified equipment adopts a screw type design, and the barrel has a drainage hole, which can effectively squeeze and drain the water in the film quickly. The discharge part is equipped with a heating device, which can instantly plasticize the film, and the frequency conversion pelletizing system can work according to the pressure to cut out the optimal particles.

Film extrusion dryers are now widely used in recycling and cleaning production lines for LDPE film, LLDPE film, PP woven bags, PP ton bags, etc., which greatly reduces the moisture content of materials.

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