What Is A Plastic Pelletizing Machine And Its Working Principle?

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What is plastic pelletizing?

It is important to continue to look for ways to reduce waste and recycling materials that are used in our manufacturing processes. One of the best ways to repurpose plastic waste is through the process of plastic pelletizing. A process that continues to grow in popularity, plastic pelletizing provides a variety of benefits to manufacturing plants around the world.

So, what is plastic pelletizing? Plastic pelletizing is the process of converting scrap plastic back into a usable clean raw material. Plastic manufacturing companies can then re-use these pelletized plastics in a wide variety of applications, creating a closed-loop recycling process. There are many benefits to establishing a plastic pelletizing recycling system for your business.

Plastic pelletizing is one the best ways to reuse and repurpose plastic scraps that are produced in high quality from manufacturing plants. By working with a plastic pelletizing company, plastics manufacturers can not only reduce their raw material costs but also improve their green initiatives.

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What is a plastic pelletizing machine?

The plastic pelletizing machine also known as plastic granulator machine is mainly used for processing industrial and agricultural waste plastics. Plastic pelletizing/granulator machine is suitable for most common waste plastics, recycled pellets can be reused again to make new plastic products. As the most widely used and most popular plastic recycling machine in the waste plastic recycling industry. granule-making machines can both create significant economic benefits and optimize resource allocation to protect the environment.

Working principle of plastic pelletizing machine

The main machine of the plastic granulator is an extruder system, which is composed of a transmission system, a heating and cooling system, and an extrusion system.

The transmission system

The function of the transmission system is to drive the screw. The torque and speed required for the screw supply during the extrusion process are generally composed of a motor, a reducer and a bearing.

Heating and cooling device

The necessary conditions to ensure that the pelletizer can perform during plastic extrusion are heating and cooling. The control system of the plastic granulator includes a heating system, a cooling system, and a process parameter measurement system, which are mainly composed of electrical appliances, meters and actuators.

The main function of the device is to control and adjust the drag motor of the main and auxiliary machines, output the speed and power in accordance with the process requirements, and make the main and auxiliary machines work in coordination; detect and adjust the temperature, pressure and flow of the plastic in the extruder ; To achieve the control or automatic control of the entire unit.

The extrusion system

The extrusion system includes a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a head, and a mold. The plastic is plasticized into a uniform melt through the extrusion system, and a continuous extrusion die is formed under the pressure in the process.

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