How to Remove Labels During Film Washing

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Post-consumer plastic films come from various industries, such as supermarket cling film, handbags, industrial packaging, etc. There may be many labels (labels, Pricetags) attached to the surface of the film. During the washing process, these labels are difficult to be removed by ordinary washing machines. According to market demand, continuous technical discussions and customer feedback, we have developed a label separation system for films, especially LLDPE wrapping films (packaging films), also called the paper-plastic separation systems.

Work process of the washing machine

The plastic film is crushed, rinsed and soaked initially, and then sent to a special paper-plastic separator for high-speed friction separation. The paper-plastic separator is usually composed of two drums with a bidirectional conveying device on the top. The working time of each drum can be set according to the content of the paper label, usually 3-5 minutes.

During operation, because the transmission shaft drives the rotor to rotate strongly, the film moves from bottom to top along the rotor surface, and is thrown from the lower part of the rotor to the groove wall, and is subjected to the strong stirring of the cutter head again along the groove wall upward. The high-intensity eddy current and The kneading cycle make the material turn up and down in the machine and rotate circumferentially, and it is impacted with high strength in all directions without interruption. And the pulp is fully disintegrated into fibers by the continuous friction between the cutter disc flying knife and the sieve plate.

After the efficient work of the paper-plastic separation equipment, the pulp and plastic film are effectively separated, the film is discharged to the next washing process through the hydraulic valve, and the pulp can be collected through the flow channel. Separation efficiency can be as high as 99%.

After this process, the impurity content of the cleaned film is extremely low, and the granulated particles are of higher quality.

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